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BandOff®: The Bandage Remover

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Say goodbye to the pulled hairs, bruising, sticky residue, and “Ouch!” of bandage removal! BandOff® is an innovative bandage remover that answers the question of how to remove bandages without just ripping them off. This bandage removal spray is a safe adhesive remover for skin and works in seconds to release even the toughest adhesive bandages, medical tape, and athletic tape. Simply spray BandOff on, let it soak in, and easily lift off the bandage. Whether you’re pulling a bandage off yourself or your child, you can count on BandOff’s gentle formula to make the bandage come off without raising a fuss. A must-have addition to your first aid cabinet, purse, and first aid kit, BandOff is the best way to remove a bandage!

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  1. Lived up to expectations review by Fred on 3/11/2019

    The kids are always playing outside getting cuts and scrapes, you name it. Unfortunately the kids are not the biggest fans of when it's time to come off, but with BandOff the saying, "rip it off like a band-aid" is no more. Give the band-aid a spritz of BandOff and it literally came right off, no wincing or pain. Kids definitely appreciate that.


  2. Works Well review by Christie on 2/14/2019

    I tried this product using a cloth bandaid brand vs. a plastic one -- but it worked really well with the bandaid I was taking off my son. I followed the instructions and it came right off without any pulling. The bandaid was on the hariest part of this arm as well!

  3. AMAZING review by Emily on 2/10/2019

    I literally cannot believe this product!!! I was petrified when I got a cut on my arm that would not stop bleeding, so naturally had to put a bandaid on it. I always hate having to pull them off, because it HURTS! BUT, I am so proud to say that this stuff ACTUALLY works! I didn’t feel a thing when I applied this to my bandaid. It’s truly a miracle. Definitely gonna buy more!

  4. Bandoff worked great! review by Hairy arms on 2/10/2019

    Sprayed on the bandaid it came right off. No hair pulling!

  5. It worked! review by Smiley on 2/10/2019

    Sprayed my bandaid with bandoff, and my bandaid fell right off.

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  • No More “Ouch!”
    Pull off bandages and tape without discomfort. BandOff releases common bandage and tape adhesives, letting you easily take off hard-to-remove bandages while being gentle on your skin.
  • No More Sticky Residue
    Say goodbye to the sticky residue left behind by adhesive bandages and tapes thanks to BandOff: The Bandage Remover. This spray doubles as a sticky residue remover, keeping your skin clean.
  • No More Bruising
    Protect sensitive skin from the bruising and pain of removing bandages. BandOff allows you to gently remove even the toughest bandage and tape adhesives. After all, healing shouldn’t hurt!
  • No More Tears
    Calm your child’s fears with BandOff, which takes the tears out of bandage removal. The portable spray fits in your purse, so you can have the tear-free solution ready wherever you go.
  • No More Pulled Hairs
    Make bandage removal easy for the whole family. Whether you use it on your child or yourself, count on BandOff to remove even the stickiest bandages without painfully ripping out hairs.


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