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Say goodbye to the pulled hairs, bruising, sticky residue, and discomfort of bandage removal!

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The easiest way to remove bandages!

Remove bandages without ripping them off.

  • No More “Ouch!” – No More Tears

    Calm your child's fears with BandOff, which takes the tears out of bandage removal.
  • No More Sticky Residue

    Say goodbye to the sticky residue left behind by adhesive bandages and tapes.
  • No More Bruising

    Protect sensitive skin from the bruising and pain of removing bandages.
  • No More Pulled Hairs

    Count on BandOff to remove even the stickiest bandages without painfully ripping out hairs.

BandOff Easily Removes:

Adhesive Bandages

Medical Tape

Athletic Tape

BandOff works on a wide variety of bandages and adhesives.

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